Empowering Australian brokers. Delivering outstanding insurance products. Technology at the core of everything we do.

Who is Blue Zebra?

We are a different breed in insurance.


Australian owned and innovation driven, we believe passionately in the role of the advice model in insurance. With the right advice from expert brokers, customers are getting the right combination of protection and as well as outstanding claims service.

Our platform streamlines the entire insurance process from quote to claim to allow brokers to:

  • Provide tailored and personal advice to your clients.
  • Deliver appropriate coverage and outstanding service to your clients.
  • Realize cost benefits for your business from our technology.

As an underwriting agency we are working with brokers only and deliver home, motor, landlords and SME insurance initially. This includes an option for home business coverage.

We pride ourselves on being a different breed in insurance. We are:

  • Easy to deal with
  • Fast and efficient
  • Technology driven

Our main purpose is to help brokers grow their business and deliver the best value to their customers.

"After 45 system releases in our first 2 years, our platform is now accessed by more than 10,000 brokers that have effectively co-developed our offering. We are proud to help Australian brokers reclaim their share of the $30bn SME and personal insurance market. By leveraging technology, strong relationships and Big Data, we will keep on delivering on our promises."

Colin Fagen - Managing Director

Blue Zebra

Our Products & Platform

A different breed of technology platform.

A different breed of product range.

Our People

How we earned our stripes.

Contact Blue Zebra

ABN 12 622 465 838
AFSL 504130

Postal address:
Email: concierge@bzi.com.au

Broker Only

We support the advice model in insurance and as such we only offer our products through licensed professional insurance brokers. If you need an insurance broker, you can find one through the following link needabroker.com.au. If you are a customer that has purchased Blue Zebra products through your insurance broker please contact your broker with any queries. This is to ensure that you get professional and impartial advice on any coverage or claims matters. Our broker partners have ready access to our staff and can access our technology platform directly. More than 1,200 insurance brokers regularly transact with us and access our portal every working day. We have more than 100,000 policyholders (January 2022) and our offering has enjoyed strong backing from insurance brokers since our launch in May 2018. During 2021 we delivered more than 1 million quotes.